This is what our students have to say about us:

LUCY (Secretary)
“I decided to start learning yoga because I got serious pain in neck, shoulders and back. Only lying down was comfortable. After 8 months of Asana practice at LMYC I only feel pain when I work too much…”

CEPHAS KAM (Senior Training Officer, Civil Service Training & Development Institute)
“I have family history of high blood pressure. After practicing yoga for 3 years with LMYC I have learnt to respect my body and it respects me too. I know some breathing methods to restore my BP to normal…”

CHRIS LEE (Bank employee)
“To most people yoga means a physical exercise. After joining LMYC for me it is much more. I was a stressful person and felt upset with colleagues. After I tried to implement the ways I learnt at the centre the working is much easier and my temper under control…”

GIOVANNA GUERRERA (Marketing & Sales Manager)
“2003 was a year full of tragic events, Mastectomy for cancer, son’s life threatening accident, second operation and malignant neurome which left my right foot numb forever. The yoga teacher of my gym suggested LMYC. I joined LMYC and begun my journey to a positive recurrence of cancer because I know that I have become stronger and fearless to fight it again… LMYC is lot more… A school of life.”

SADIA LIU (Training & Development Manager)
“I do not like heavy exercise. I joined one yoga school and could not perform the posture. They wanted me to do shoulder stand at the first lesson! Then I joined LMYC and found the teaching method was really unique. On the first day only stretching exercises. Great for me! The theory delivered by Sangeeta during the lesson(s) helped me change my thoughts… Now I have mission, to learn more about yoga and spread good things…”

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