Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeing Beyond

We gather from our daily experiences a great deal of knowledge and understanding. We weave this understanding into a personal approach to life. Each one of us has a unique personal philosophy. Some see pain and suffering and say:

 “Well this is the way the world is.
Carry on amidst all this senseless suffering that man is forced to face

Another one might see meaning in an event and believe that nothing is happening senselessly. Everything moves after a large plan. The joy of life is in living and not in cursing and blaming. There are different points of view here.

Yoga encourages the growth of such mental conditions like serenity, objectivity, etc., that a characteristic philosophy of life blossoms forth for the sincere practitioner. The Yogi enjoys peace within and so sees much peace and happiness around. The approach of the Yogi towards the world around is one of being a witness. One witnesses external changes, changes in one’s body and mind, witness changes in attitudes and motivation in near and dear ones and yet does bot get affected by all this. The Yogi maintains a balanced state all the way.

Such a one sees more than many others. Such a one understands and appreciates what happens and contributes more. This possession of a personal philosophy is a great aid in facing the rugged, wicked, imperfect world of ours. It acts like a shock absorber in a car bumping up and down a rugged terrain.

The highest philosophy enunciated in the Yoga Sutra is one of transcending mentation itself. Our thoughts are the real source of all our problems. If we can control the thoughts, stop the chattering of the mind, then the panoramic view beyond the mind is celestial.

Yoga lays down the pathway to reach this state of higher consciousness.

Thoughts of Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
- President of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai - India.

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