Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bhavana Techniques (Cultivating the feeling)

Pratipaksha Bhavana, Nishpandha Bhava, Anitya Bhavana are yogic techniques which are holistic in approach and are necessary pre-requisites for improvements in all aspects of our life. Sure these techniques are difficult and there is a need for constantly drilling these bhavanas into oneself. We need to read more about them; repeat these thoughtful processes and try and understand their meaning.

Pratipaksha Bhavana - Overcoming Aggressive Emotions

A management technique which is like a genie in your mind, it cultivates a state of opposite feeling and transforms a negative thought into a positive thought, an unkind work into a kind word. 


It involves invoking the opposite kind of feeling consciously. We are often held by negativities like jealousy, envy, anger, hatred and similar states of defective mind. Yoga suggests the technique of thinking the opposite when ever the mind is overcome by negative thoughts. So creating an opposite side feeling or raising the opposing concept will curtail negativity.

Nishpanda Bhava - A state of tranquillity

A curative technique, this technique makes us like a smooth flow of water. As one throws a stone in water it only causes a ripple but is unable to bore a hole in it. Nispandabhava is derived from the Sanskrit words:

NIS meaning WITHOUT; SPANDA meaning MOVEMENT; and BHAVA meaning STATE.

This practice has been formulated by founder of The Yoga Institute, Shri Yogendraji. It involves sitting relaxed against a wall or chair, keeping attention on low intensity and fading sounds. Allow the sounds to come to you without seeking them.

Anitya Bhavana - Change is the only constant

A preventive technique, this technique is like a clock or a watch on your hand, which constantly reminds us that time goes on, it never stops, the date, the day; the time keeps changing, it never remains the same. Just like the waves in the ocean, everything comes and goes, everything is changeful, nothing is permanent. Reflecting on this condition of impermanence of all things is Anitya Bhavana.

Home practices for the week

- With each session of practice a little of one’s tension will be shed. Thus, start practicing Pratipaksha Bhavana to become a little less negative and a little more positive; a little more passive and less agitated with Nishpanda Bhava; and a little more accepting and a little less expecting with Anitya Bhavana.

Make good use of these techniques and progress on your spiritual path!!

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