Friday, October 21, 2011

Experience with the Yoga Teacher Training at LMYC

I found LMYC's basic classical yoga teacher training course very interesting and satisfying. I have been wanting to feel more integrated, healthier, and to be able to manage stress better for a better quality of life for some time.  I found LMYC's yoga teacher training support my goals very well.  It involves holistic development of ourselves, not only at physical level, but also in emotional, mental, social and spiritual level for health, peace and fulfilment.
Susie Li

As a coach, my professional and personal interest is in developing my being better, to enhance my quality of life, well-being, and to realize my potentials and benefit society with my gifts and talents. I found yoga and coaching complimentary.

The benefits I derived from this course are beyond my expectation.  I learnt how thoughts and emotions are developed, and to manage them better - an area I wanted to develop.  I also learnt about food, from which I started to explore outside of LMYC on food therapy the Chinese way, as we are in Hong Kong.

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